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Articles: Larger Articles on the Web.

(Metaphysics and Epistemology)
"Axioms: The Eight-fold Way" This article examines the history of thought on the nature of axioms in human knowledge, then focuses on the role of axioms in Objectivism.
Dual Foundationalism and the Core of the Objectivist Logic For several years, I have been at work on a book, the primary focus of which has been the Objectivist Theory of Logic. Although I certainly intend to continue with this work, I have decided that it is time to begin to share some of the results which I have arrived at with those who may find the subject a matter of interest.
"The Problem of Universals" One of my own articles.

"'My Life and My Love of It' - Comments on Objectivist Ethics" is a large, well-written defense of the Objectivist Ethics, focusing principally on how a survivalist interpretation of the standard of value (i.e., "dominant-end ethic") may, if properly understood, achieve all the richness which others seek when introducing a flourisher interpretation of of the standard of value (where numerous values are regarded as being "constitutive" of the primary end). Written by Bryan Register, this article is presently being hosted by The Philosopher's Den of UT-Austin, a website run by the university's student philosophy club.
"A Philosophy for Living On Earth" Another large article, this time in defense of an approach beginning from a flourisher's interpretation of the objectivist standard of value, principally with happiness as an end-in-itself, but seeking to bridge the gap between the flourisher and survivalist interpretations. Well-written, innovative.
"The Survivalist/Flourisher-Dichotomy" A smaller article written by myself in which I attempt to argue that both of the dominant interpretations of the Objectivist standard of value are mistaken.

Collections: Collections of Articles. An important resource.

(ARI Aligned Sites:)
The Intellectual Activist Samples Samples of articles appearing in TIA for those who may wish to subscribe
My Writings Articles by Lee Sanstead.

(IOS Aligned Sites:)
Writing on Objectivism A very large collection organized according to author by the Objectivism WWW Service.
Objectivism on the WWW A large collection of articles by various authors maintained by Diana Mertz Brickell.

Periodicals with Websites:

(ARI Aligned Sites:)
The Intellectual Activist The semi-official voice of the Ayn Rand Institute. Approximately sixteen pages, bi-monthly.

(IOS Aligned Sites:)
The Objectivity Home Page is the website of a periodical which leans strongly in the direction of Objectivism, yet which is attempting to deal with issues in technical philosophy at a technical level. For those of us who believe that considerable work must be done in the realm of technical philosophy, Objectivity is a welcome addition to the Objectivist community. Roughly ninety pages, biannually.

The Reason Web -- Home of FUNDAMENTALS is the newsletter of the Philadelphia Area Objectivism Discussion Group, publishes approximately three short articles every three months, and makes them available on the web.
Houston Objectivism Society Home Page has a bimonthly which you may subscribe to. Usually contains about five articles.
Full Context A 10 to 12 page newsletter, publishes ten times a year. Technical philosophy, interviews, ...

News Groups (Open):

news:alt.philosophy.objectivism Tends to have problems with neotechs, politeness.
news:humanities.philosophy.objectivism Less trouble with neotechs, but politeness still seems to be a problem.

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