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The Institute for Objectivist Studies and its supporters


Institute for Objectivist Studies When Dr. Kelley left the official movement, the formation of this organization became almost inevitable. Today the institute is experiencing rapid growth, and they have established a presence on the web with this site. Here you can find information on their programs, their catalogue of publications, events which they have held, events which they will be holding in the future, their journal, and further information on their organization. If you so choose, you may even decide to become a member.

IOS supporters:

Objectivism and Ayn Rand is the work of the Objectivism WWW Service. It contains a wealth of information, articles-- usually by authors of considerable importance to the Objectivist movement ( Dr. Nathaniel Branden, Dr. David Kelley, Dr. Tibor Machan,...), and links. One recent addition (September?) to this site has been the ability to play the Objectivist game of concepts-in-a-hat online. In this game, you are given two concepts picked at random from the philosophy of Objectivism, and you attempt to show how they are related. The purpose of the game is to make one's understanding of Objectivism more integrated. (NOTE: you can look at the results from when others have played it.) Another interesting feature of this site is on the homepage, although you might have passed by it without even knowing it: each time you bring up the homepage, a different Ayn Rand quote will appear at the top. How do they do that? The site itself is independent, but all the authors who have chosen to contribute material to this site seem to be pro-IOS, which is my reason for listing it here.

Objectivism on the WWW is in many ways comparable to J. Will Pierce's Objectivism-- The Philosophy of Ayn Rand(look under ARI supporters): both are almost entirely the work of one individual, and both contain a wealth of resources and links. This site is specifically the work of Diana Mertz Brickell, and as in the case of Mr. Pierce, I believe that Miss Brickell deserves a great deal of credit for designing a valuable website on Objectivism.

Writings of Robert James Bidinotto This individual is a well-published author of many articles which have appeared in several big magazines. However, at this site, you will find a rather large sampling of his writing.

The Objectivity Home Page is the website of a periodical which leans strongly in the direction of Objectivism, yet which is attempting to deal with issues in technical philosophy at a technical level. Individual authors have varying sympathies, and thus it is unlikely that the periodical will in any way receive the sanction which adherents of the official movement would require before subscribing to it. However, for those of us who believe that considerable work must be done in the realm of technical philosophy, Objectivity is a welcome addition to the Objectivist community.

California Institute for Applied Objectivism Website The new website for the new Institute. Links to important authors. Upcoming events. Note: this institute will be hosting a speech by Dr. Nathaniel Branden on the future of the Objectivist movement at its grand opening.

Kari's Objectivism Pages This promises to be a beautiful website. So far, the author has concentrated on Ayn Rand quotes and links to articles elsewhere on the web. (NOTE: The background design is a close-up of the Mandelbrot object.)

Freedom's Nest is not specifically Objectivist, although those who run it are. They have put together a data base containing well over one-thousand quotes. In addition, it is possible to purchase over the internet books written by a variety of authors. They will also be putting together biographies, and other resources.

Reason magazine is the commercial magazine which you have probably already seen at either bookstores or grocery markets. Its sympathies lie with both the Objectivist movement and the Libertarian.

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Is there a website which I've forgotten? Has a link died to one of the sites which I have listed? Have I mis-classified a site? Please email me a note.


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I am not endorsed by the individuals or organizations listed. Nor should the fact that I am including them be regarded as evidence that any of them have received my unqualified endorsement. What I endorse-- unreservedly-- is the active mind which judges things for itself.