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The Ayn Rand Institute and its Supporters

The Ayn Rand Institute: The Center for the Advancement of Objectivism has its own website (by the same name), which is flagship of the official Objectivist movement on the internet. The mission of the Ayn Rand Institute is to promote the spread of Ayn Rand's ideas, and ultimately, of the philosophy of Objectivism. ARI's website includes announcements of importance to the Objectivist movement, biographical material on Ayn Rand, samples of Ayn Rand's writing,a brief explanation of each of the branches of the philosophy of Objectivism, a brief synopsis of the impact of Objectivism (e.g., in one survey, when asked which book made a difference in their lives, the leading response was the bible; after that came Atlas Shrugged), with a special focus on how the Ayn Rand Institute has taken an active role in making this impact possible.


Integrity Ventures
is Mr. Stubblefield's website for both The Intellectual Activist and the Objectivism Study Group, the latter of which is for electronic discussions.

Objectivism-- The Philosophy of Reason is perhaps the most impressive website which aligns itself with the Ayn Rand Institute. Here you will find a wealth of resources and links. This website is, incredibly, almost entirely the work of one individual: J. Will Pierce.

Lee Sandstead's Homepage A major site, which seems smaller than that of Mr. Pierce, but places a greater emphasis upon new articles.

Houston Objectivism Society Home Page has a bimonthly which you may subscribe to. The bimonthly usually contains about five articles.

The Objectivist Trade Center is a website run by NationWeb, Inc., a company which has chosen to support the official Objectivist movement, in large part, by providing links to student Objectivist clubs (please see The Objectivist Trade Center - Community Groups), and, in smaller part, to suppliers of products of special interest to members of the Objectivist movement.

Welcome to the Objectivism Resource Guide! is part of the website run by O(bjectivist) M(edia) S(ervices) Ventures. Here you will find a search engine to websites whose sympathies lie with the Ayn Rand Institute and much more...

Lyceum International offers courses, lectures, and seminars in continental Europe, Great Britain, and the United States on Objectivism. Their website exists primarily to make available information on what they have to offer.

Richard Toptani's WWW Pages

Objectivism Pankaj Saxena has been working on a summary of the philosophy of Objectivism. I hope he will continue with it.

CNJ Ayn Rand Society Favorite quotes, links to the official movement, some unusual links.

Information on Objectivism by Jon D. Orris.

Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand A site by Gerald Allen Kalafut. Contains a few links to articles and organizations.

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I am not endorsed by the individuals or organizations listed. Nor should the fact that I am including them be regarded as evidence that any of them have received my unqualified endorsement. What I endorse-- unreservedly-- is the active mind which judges things for itself.