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Authors of interest to Objectivists

The authors at these websites may not necessarily be regarded as Objectivists. Nevertheless, they are serious authors who have published books, and what they have to say may be of considerable interest.


Chris Mathew Sciabarra's Personal Homepage Dr. Sciabarra is the author of AYN RAND: THE RUSSIAN RADICAL, a scholarly if controversial book arguing that Ayn Rand's methodology is dialectical, and the Marx, Hayek, and Utopia, arguing that there is more in common between Marx and Hayek than one might think. With respect to Dr. Sciabarra's case for Objectivism being dialectical, there would seem to be a great deal of evidence for it, such as with the numerous false dichotomies which Rand identified (for example: mind vs. body, the intrinsic vs. the subjective, rationalism vs. empiricism, theory vs. practice, reason vs. emotion, etc), the emphasis upon the contextual nature of knowledge and the necessity of integration (for example: when Dr. Peikoff quotes Hegel's words "The true is the whole" approvingly), the fact our concept of identity arises out of our recognition of difference... You will find a great deal of material (both pro and con) at his site.

Nathaniel Branden Nearly three decades ago, Nathaniel Branden was the leading spokesman for Objectivism, second only to Ayn Rand. Upon leaving the movement, he went on to spearhead the self-esteem movement in psychology (it seems that psychologists did not recognize the important of self-esteem in human psychology at the time). Now the author of numerous books on psychology meant to appeal to a large audience, Nathaniel Branden is beginning to make a comeback in the Objectivist movement, and being welcomed as someone who might just have something to say which is worth hearing. The periodical "Full Context" recently conducted a lengthy, wide-ranging interview with him, which they have allowed the Objectivism WWW Service to publish at their website, Objectivism and Ayn Rand. They have entitled it Full Context Interview with Nathaniel Branden.

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