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The Problem of Universals

In "INTRODUCTION TO OBJECTIVIST EPISTEMOLOGY," Ayn Rand presented her theory of concept -formation in great detail. However, she did not examine in any great detail the opposing theories. More recently, Dr. Binswanger identified the fundamental problems faced by the opposing schools in the taped lecture series "CONSCIOUSNESS AS IDENTIFICATION." However, in his criticism, Binswanger did not distinguish between the moderate and extreme forms of realism and nominalism, nor did he consider a good number of the defenses which proponents of such schools might offer.

In the the hypertextual article which follows, entitled "The Problem of Universals," I address these issues and more: I believe that I have managed to show that the problems which face the four major schools on the problem of universals are insurmountable, and at the same time, make Ayn Rand's theory of concept-formation appear unavoidable. Enjoy!

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